Dit LED-paneel kan gebruikt worden als blinder-effect, maar kan ook geprogrammeerd worden als matrix-paneel per lijn of zelfs per pixel. Inclusief klem.

Info online:

The CYBERPIX RGBW has been designed as a blind effect or as a matrix chase effect for internships, mobile use or any other child or productions. It features the option to create your own personal messages in bright shining lights with the built-in light chase via DMX. The Artnet or Kling-Net protocol allows for easy pixel-mapping controllable with the latest version of the ArKaos LED Master (A-LEDMASTER). 

  • three-color, high-power LED panel for enchanting ‘wash’, blinding or other effects
  • Kling-Net supported to allow auto configuration via Ethernet
  • each LED is adjustable for pixel mapping
  • DMX-controlled via 3, 5, 7, or 48 channels
  • 4 channels: RGBW
  • 20-channel mode: RGBW (each line)
  • 100-channel mode: RGBW (each pixel)
  • 2 x 8-digit LCD screen for easy menu setting
  • 5060 10 W LED for high-quality RGB color mixing
  • extra power output
  • bracket for connecting multiple devices, to form a wall
  • robust bracket for truss suspension
  • equipped with Neutrik powerCON in / out connections
  • easy to install, configure and use with ArKaos LED Master