Heb je gekozen voor enkele L’Acoustics speakers? Vergeet dan niet dat deze passief zijn en dus een bijhorende versterker nodig hebben. Deze LA4X versterker is ideaal voor de ARCS-reeks.

Maximum aantal speakers per LA4X

1 ARCS® WIDE/FOCUS of 1 SB18m kan geconnecteerd worden met elke uitgang van de versterker. Hierdoor kan je dus maximum volgende speakers versterken: 

4 SB18m of
3 ARCS® WIDE/FOCUS en 1 SB18m.

Info van de site van L’Acoustics:


The LA4X is an amplified controller based on a 4-input by 4-output architecture and an exclusive green power module providing maximized efficiency. With LA4X, L-Acoustics speakers can get all the benefits of self-powered speakers, while keeping the versatility of the separated amplification approach. The L-Acoustics systems can be operated in three connectivity modes, as described below.


The pool of four inputs and four amplification channels of the LA4X can be allocated “à la carte” to any passive speaker enclosures with a one-to-one link. This approach is cost effective for applications requiring a high count of independent sound sources such as stage monitors, multi-channel systems and multi-feed distributed systems.


In high-end installation projects, the LA4X can drive active systems, up to K2, for maximum power headroom and the best possible performances. With one transducer section per output channel and the independent DSP treatment of each loudspeaker enclosure, this approach brings maximum discretization with a one-to-one-to-one link, from input-to-processing-to-enclosure.


For applications requiring a high count of loudspeaker enclosures with optimized cost of amplification, the LA4X can efficiently operate as a conventional amplified controller driving speakers in parallel from its four amplification channels, with the added benefit of the 4 inputs when using passive loudspeaker enclosures.